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Eye Spy® is a ‘niche’ manufacturer of custom flags.  We can make every size up to 2400 x 1200.  The process we use is dye sublimation which involves transferring the printed image from a carrier paper into the polyester flag fabric under extreme pressure and high temperature.  As opposed to other processes, our process results in a highly durable product which will give you the best service life.


It should be remembered that the service life of a flag is heavily dependent on the length of time and the conditions in which the flag is flown in.  Best results come from flying only during the day and avoiding using the flag on very windy days.


We can either make from your artwork,

or we can assist you to design your flag.













Eye Spy® also manufactures tear drop (or ‘feather’) flags with custom designs to suit your needs.  They are available with a base suitable for hardstand or a ground spike is available for when you may have soft ground available.  They are provided in a portable form with their own carry case - very easily put together in about 60 seconds.


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